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Yes, GoWeigh is licensed by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) to operate the listed public weighbridges on this website.

Yes, you will receive a printed ticket from the kiosk terminal. This ticket can be used for trade, compliance and mass management purposes. You can also request an electronic copy via SMS or email by inputting your details at the end of the transaction. Fleet customers can also access their weighing transactions online through the account portal.

Each GoWeigh public weighbridge is independently verified every 12 months in line with National Measurement Institute regulations.

Our weighbridge network is currently being established throughout Australia. To locate a site nearest to you visit the Locations page. The GoWeigh website is updated with new sites as they come on board, so please check our website regularly.

The GoWeigh system allows users to perform either a single gross weigh, single tare weigh or a gross tare net (return) weigh.

GoWeigh accepts VISA and Mastercard. Regular users can also establish a GoWeigh Account which is a pre-paid transaction card. To signup for an account click here.

A return weigh is for heavy vehicles only, enabling the customer to work out the weight of what they are carrying. This feature is not available to recreational customers including caravanners, trailer owners or cars.

A single (gross or tare) weigh costs $40 (inc gst). This can provide you with up to four weight results for a single price (i.e. caravanners – vehicle weight, caravan weight, ball weight and total weight).

A gross tare net (return) weigh costs $8 (inc gst). This feature is available to account cardholders and heavy vehicles only.

For accurate pricing please refer to each individual weighbridge site. Please note pricing is subject to change with 4 weeks notice. IMPORTANT: The return weigh must be completed within 24 hours at the same site with the same vehicle configuration.

GoWeigh will refund your money in full, if the system fails to provide a valid weigh (measurement) ticket.

GoWeigh does not provide refunds on unused credits.

Credits are valid from 24 months from the date of purchase.

Each GoWeigh card is registered to a single master account. If you need to add or remove a card from the master list please contact

GoWeigh allows only one master account per company; however, multiple cards can be included under the one master account. Simply contact our customer service team on 1300 66 44 69 or complete our account enquiry form.

If your card is lost or damaged, please contact GoWeigh via email for a replacement card. If your card is stolen please notify GoWeigh immediately and we will cancel the card and reissue you with a new card.

If you are having problems logging into your account please contact

Yes, GoWeigh provides legal weighing (measurement) docket. These dockets are prepared in line with National Measurement Institute (NMI) trade regulations.

You can request a docket be emailed to you if no docket is provided at time of transaction. Simply enter your email address on the kiosk screen when prompted. If you don’t receive your docket via email please contact


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