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Do you need to capture, manage and store your weighbridge transaction data?

GoWeigh can provide access to our suite of weighbridge software and automation technology, or develop customised solutions to your specific industry or business requirements.

Weighbridges and their surrounding environments can be challenging and the operational equipment needs to be able to endure these conditions. We understand these challenges in operating the GoWeigh public weighbridge network.

Hardware & Software Capabilities

Our extensive experience in designing, building and deploying these solutions can be leveraged to your specific project requirements. Our in-house team include software and hardware design and development capabilities which ensures that these systems work seamlessly.

Operational Support Available

In many instances GoWeigh retains an operational role to ensure that the systems are ready for use at all times. Our solutions can record, manage and store weighing and product data, and can be fully integrated into your business operating systems.

Available Software Options

  • Weighing records (including photographs).
  • Product management systems (recording load type and quantity).
  • Integration with business systems (accounting, inventory).
  • Mass Management repository (digital records stored for referencing at a later date).
  • Online account management (24 hours access to data for key stakeholders).
  • Remote site monitoring and control interfaces (automated error notifications and video security).
  • Remote weighbridge operations (manage and process transactions remotely)


To discuss your software requirements call 1300 66 44 69 or complete the enquiry form below and we will get in touch.

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