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What is GoWeigh?

GoWeigh is a network of public weighbridges located throughout Australia. The service can be used by almost any road user, ranging from b-double trucks through to recreational vehicles.

How can I use GoWeigh?

The system is fully automated, easy to use and requires no training. It can be used for a gross weigh and, if required, a return tare weigh (account cardholders only). In both cases, a valid weighing ticket is produced showing the total weights. The system requires no manual data entry.

The system is operated via GoWeigh’s fully automated kiosk which accepts all major credit cards. Regular users, including fleet operators, can also obtain a GoWeigh Account which can be pre-loaded with credit. Each account holder can be issued with as many GoWeigh Account Cards as required.

How much does GoWeigh cost?

A single (gross or tare) weigh costs $40 (inc gst). A gross tare net (return) weigh costs $8 (inc gst). For accurate pricing please refer to each individual weighbridge site.

IMPORTANT: This feature is available to heavy vehicle operations and account cardholders only. The return weigh must be used within 24 hours at the same site with the same vehicle configuration. Please note that some credit card providers may charge fees in addition to the prices stated above.

NOTE: Prices are subject to an annual review and our website will be updated when prices change. 


Call 1300 66 44 69 to learn more about GoWeigh, or complete the enquiry form below and we will be in touch.

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